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9 December 1980
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Hello, my name is Rachel. *singing* These are a few of my favorite things:
* Alexander Skarsgård (pictured with me above) He is definitely one of my favorite things!
* Music. Various and nearly all aspects of it. I love concerts. I love listening to albums. I love hearing rare instruments...but also listening to a kazoo. I love spending time with musicians, and talking about their lives and inspirations (all musicians, whether they're famous or not!) I've had breakfast with Pete Yorn, drinks with Rooney, and also chatted up starving artists on the street living off of the handouts that get thrown into their guitar cases. Music is a universal language, and sometimes I feel that I speak it more fluently than English.
* Family, and Friends that become family.
* Making others laugh with my strange gift for dry wit.
* Writing (fiction, poetry, lyrics, random thoughts).
* My dog Guster. (Whom I named after one of my favorite bands, Guster.)
* Hugging. Sometimes I feel that hugging is the sweetest form of human contact.
* I love the character "Sark" from the tv show Alias.
* Sleeping late on weekends.
* People that live their lives fearlessly and with confidence (I, in my shy demeanor, inherently admire the confident humans among us).
* Painting each one of my nails in different colors and designs
* Unexpected plot twists
* I love the poem "Ask Me" by William Stafford.
* I love Snoopy. Yeap, the cartoon black and white beagle of your childhood. I still totally dig that dog.
* I love it when you're so close with someone that you inadvertently develope your own secret language.
* Having dinner with my friends.
* I love my iPod.
* I like that surreal moment when you're between sleep and wake, and the dream is starting but you're still conscious enough to control the events of the dream...Yeah, that's pretty cool. (It's called "Lucid dreaming,"...Google it!)
* I love my Mamma's home cooked Italian food.
* And I love being an Italian.
* I love the quote "Where words fail, music speaks" by Hans Christian Andersen. It pretty much sums up my life.
* And I love it when someone you care about suddenly reveals that they care for you too.

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