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toxickarma [userpic]

The time I met a Grammy award winner...and didn't realize it!

February 25th, 2008 (08:06 pm)

current mood: embarrassed
current song: "If You Like It" by Absentstar

Here in my little corner of the world (Minneapolis, Minnesota) we have a music scene which I am very proud to live amongst. Our local artists are clever, prolific, and overall quite kind people. At this point, I'm familiar with most of them...but last night, I had a major dork moment. =)

At this point, I'm going to rewind time to April 2007. Last April, I went to a Mat Kearney concert. At this concert, he had another musician with him on stage...my sisters and I quickly began referring to that mystery man as "Hot Guitarist." Because, as you may have guessed, the guy was HOT. Now despite my fangirly adoration for the likes of David Anders, Gale Harold, and Jim Sturgess...it is actually pretty rare for me to encounter a man that I find so attractive I would refer to him as hot. But this guitarist...well he was fricken' gorgeous. During the whole concert, I took two pictures of Mat Kearney, and about 13 pictures of 'Hot Guitarist'. For two weeks after that concert, my sisters and I were still discussing 'Hot Guitarist' and relating the tales of his hotness and appearance to all of our girlfriends. (Followed by laughter, and their agreement of his hotness upon further viewing of his pictures.)

So...fast forward to last night. My sisters and I, along with a handful of our friends, attended the Absentstar concert at The Varsity Theater. An hour into the show, my sisters and I walked up to the bar. Standing in front of us in line was...you guessed it...'Hot Guitarist'. We had NO idea he lived in Minnesota. So my sister Amanda said to him "Are you Mat Kearney's guitarist?" and he replied "Yes, I've worked on a lot of shows with Mat." and subsequent small talk was exchanged between us all. He was a very nice man. And as soon as he walked to the other side of the venue, my sisters and I had to laugh at the fact that we had once again encountered 'Hot Guitarist'. At this point, our friend Dan came up behind us and said "Hey, you all know Tyler?"

At this point, Dan proceeded to tell us that Tyler is an AMAZING guitarist and songwriter... having worked with several great bands, including Audio Adrenaline. (They were a huge Christian Rock band a few years ago.) Tyler is highly respected among the music community for his skills, and overall...just a really talented guy. We felt quite sheepish that we'd approached him as "Mat Kearney's guitarist" when in fact he's high profile enough to go by his name only... which we learned is Tyler Burkum.

So today I decided to do a bit more research on 'Hot Guitarist' Tyler Burkum (whom I SERIOUSLY hope never stumbles upon this blog..or I would die of embarrassment for having been busted in my 'Hot Guitarist' diatribe). I googled him to try and ascertain the true spectrum of how successful and talented he really is… Turns out, he’s pretty fricken’ successful. He has his own Wikipedia page, several biography pages, and an official website. Oh yeah, and there’s this little fun fact too:

“Tyler Burkum is a two time Grammy Award winning American guitarist and songwriter.”

Wow…. TWO Grammy’s… I guess that means he’s accomplished a bit more in life than just being a hot guitarist, huh?

So today I am obviously feeling a bit embarrassed by the whole encounter. Even though the logical part of me is aware that to him, it was probably just exciting to be recognized by some fans that had enjoyed his performance during a concert last April. For me - A girl who greatly respects musicians and is dutifully reverent of grammy winners - I rather wish that I had just shut my bloody mouth and continued to admire the 'Hot Guitarist' from afar.

A picture of 'Hot Guitarist' Tyler Burkum below:



Posted by: Allyson (littleone87)
Posted at: February 26th, 2008 07:03 pm (UTC)

Oh no! Don't be too embarassed, I'm sure he didn't even think twice about it. He sounds like a really cool guy! I wish I could go to as many concerts as you, that's so awesome that you get to meet all of these people! He is a hottie. ;)

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: advo (advo)
Posted at: March 25th, 2008 10:38 am (UTC)

Hey there, sorry it's off topic, but I found your LJ from the Sarkney Community and I read that you have nearly 650 fanfic saved? I'm totally in a frenzy because my not-backed-up-harddisk with all my fanfics are lost. I only have a partial list of names but that's still problematic because of all the old sites which used to store Sarkney fanfics are all down so I can't even find them again.

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