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toxickarma [userpic]

I uploaded MORE David Anders videos...as well Jim Sturgess.

January 5th, 2008 (02:49 pm)

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I thought that I'd found all of the David Anders videos I had the last time I posted here...but I found one of my old laptops three days ago and discovered some videos on it that I'd forgotten to transfer when I upgraded to a newer computer. I uploaded the interview with David Anders and Greg Grunberg a few days ago...and today I uploaded an interview David gave on Soap Talk in 2004, as well a Public Service Announcement he made. (The PSA is back when he still had his long hair...looks like it's from around season two of Alias.) It was fun to see those videos again! =)

Also, I've uploaded two (so far) videos of the actor Jim Sturgess to my Youtube account as well. Any "Sark" fans out there should probably check out Jim if you've never heard of him before. He's British, he's got adorable dimples, a wonderful smile that even makes his eyes crinkle, and he's a talented singer. He stars as Jude in the movie "Across the Universe" (coming to DVD on Feb 5th) and will be in the upcoming Kevin Spacey film "21." The two videos I've uploaded of him on Youtube each feature him singing some Beatles songs. I'm quite fond of him. =)

Cheers, Rachel

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Some Jim Sturgess pictures...

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