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toxickarma [userpic]

Poetry...for the reader in a hurry.

November 6th, 2007 (09:58 am)

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When asked what defines me in life, I'd have to go with the answer that I am a writer. My specialty is poetry, but I also write a lot of fiction. (In the internet world, I'm most known for the writing the Alias -Sarkney genre- fanfic "Simple Pleasures")  These are a few of the poem's that I've written...(I've chosen some of my shortest, because I'm aware that many people don't enjoy poetry...so these are three tiny ones! ) Don't get any cruel idea's about stealing these poem's and claiming you wrote them yourself, I've already had them published in several different places, and I own the copyrights on these poems... (I don't mean to sound like a bitch, but I've had problems with people stealing my works in the past...it's an invasive and horrible feeling.) So:

This poem is called:

I've got lust boiling beneath my skin,
It's trying to seep out through my pores.
I don't really need to feel at all,
Do I?
I could dive (or perhaps belly flop) into my subconscious,
And only come up for air when it's somber,
And silent,
And I will no longer know anyone's name.
I could watch as each cell floats away,
Until I am a free white light.
With no shape, freckles, or birthmarks,
Just a floating euphoria.


And this one is:

Conversation's With A Muse
One day when the room
Was just for two,
He told me that
"Someday we will echo, like screams in a canyon."

And I said,
"You're crazy, for I am but a whisper."

And he replied,
"You're wrong, I hear your voice every moment.
And someday you will sing, when the earth has ruptured its voice box."


This one is a bit darker...

Return Policy
Scattered thoughts on a paper mache mind torment her and remind her that her abilities are cliche and she has become an obsolete kind.

She used to have words strung across her eyelids like butterflies in abandoned valley's, but the sounds have been clipped and she shatters into flakes of color.

For so long she believed that her inner radiance would carry her through it all,

Into a place of serenity and transcendence,

But now she realizes that at the core she is simple, and the weak do not inherit the earth.

She stumbles through it searching for rays of connection and accomplishment, yet finds only shame and humiliation.

She could enforce her body's return policy, but inflation destroyed her price range.

She used to see herself in vivid hues, with others that took warmth in her glow. Now she suffocates when looking in mirrors, and only sees scenarios for those who have no concept of who she could truly be.

Blotchy skin where there once was muscle. She realizes she's eaten her entire former self in body fat.

Still she is not full.

She used to crave invisibility, now realizes she's obtained it, along with a fleeting glance of revulsion.

She misses being seen.



Posted by: slpa (slpa)
Posted at: August 18th, 2008 09:22 pm (UTC)
"Simple Pleasures"

I found a portion of this fic but have been unable to find the complete story. Could you please tell me where it is posted, I would love to finish the story.

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