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toxickarma [userpic]

Mr. Julian Sark (and the perils of being a wine snob)

November 5th, 2007 (10:13 am)

current mood: amused
current song: The Noisettes "Scratch Your Name"

My favorite character Sark (seriously, as a writer, I can only dream to someday create a character HALF as intriguing and unique as him) is from the tv show Alias.  He's the villain on the show, yet he's also very humorous and bright.  He doesn't see himself as a villain, he simply sees himself as a perfectionist...as a professional.  He's a completely unique and clever character, and the actor that plays him (David Anders) handles the role with such grace and wit that when he's in a scene, all of my attention is drawn to him.  So as I said, Sark is also very funny.  He speaks with a British accent, and delivers sarcasm with the same precision that he can deliver a punch during a fight.  So with his great sense of humor, and my fondness for Adobe Photoshop...it only makes sense that I'd enjoy the two combined during my free time.  Much hijinks were had one day when I was looking at pictures of David Anders (Sark) in a costume he wore for a guest appearance on the tv show Charmed. This photo montage below is the end result. It's a very large picture, so be patient and let it all load.  And to those of you who have never seen Alias and therefore don't know firsthand how Sark behaves, you should be aware that he's a bit of a wine fetishist.  =)  Also, below this picture are more Alias characters that I've given little thought bubbles to for the shear pleasure of applying my wit to their lovely faces.

=============More Fun Below==============

And yet another Alias manip....Tentatively entitled "What Sark was really thinking during the airplane bathroom scene of 'Facade.'"  --What do you think, is the title too long?

=====More fun below-====




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